Pakikitungo Sa’yo
- learn to respect your space and schedule (message you less often, no cryptic messages, no bad jokes, learn to control my emotions expressed through words, expect a lot of No’s and Can’t Do’s)
- rely on you less often for my support/happiness
- introduce myself properly to your parents (as…

Hello. My name is Ryan. You are Aki, I suppose. She told not to be stunned when I see you for the first time.

yet here I am… indeed… stunned.

I’ve only seen you in photos and videos. None of them compare to seeing you here, face-to-face. …

You are the highlight of my year.

I kid you not. It’s true.

Not the pandemic, not anger, not loneliness

It’s you.

If years are Acts in a play then this Act all started with you. It started that day I was travelling back home to Naga and I asked…

You are loved and you are precious.

Today, as in most days, I am thankful to exist in a universe where you and I met. If ours is a product of infinite possibilities, then I’m lucky to be in this one.

Entropy — order in chaos

The universe we share may not be perfect. We’ve had our squabbles. I’ve had my faults even when I said I only wanted to make you happy. After all the chaos, I only wish we could tread peacefully if not lovingly moving forward. The least I could do is aid that by doing what’s good and in my heart and mind, that is to treat you with respect and care.

You are loved and you are precious, Aki.

Thank you for sharing your universe with me.

I remember being scared of storms as a kid. We lived in Bicol and typhoons are a big part of our lives. There’s always that one big typhoon every year where we’d have to fix the house or clean up because of flooding.

The memory is about my first time…

Constantly thinking I was going to lose her any day made me more depressed. I looked at her all the time thinking about the inevitable end.

I should have enjoyed every moment. This is my biggest regret.

Babangon din ako

Mula sa hukay na ito

Hukay na gawa ng sarili kong kabaliwan

bourne from obsession

from not accepting letting you go

ang sakit, putangina ang sakit

bakit ngayon pa kita minahal

pero ito sige sana bukas maayos na ang gising ko

sana hindi na kita hanapin sa…

September 29, 2017

Today will be the day that I finally clean up my place for the first time since she left. My clothes are all over the place. I haven’t swept the floor. The dishes have been piling up. The linen is a week old. …

tumungtong ako sa lupa

at hinamon ito

putangina lupa

andito na ako

lamunin mo na ako

do your thing and erase me from the face of the earth

putangina sige na please lang

hindi ko na kayang pagsabayin ang sakit

ang pagdama ng sakit, sabi nila embrace the pain

pero putangina sabi rin nila try to get out of misery

ayaw ko nang maging miserable, lupa

kaya eto na, kunin mo na ako.

lupa sige na, sige na please. ayoko na.

Rojo Loco

Hi! I am Ryan Rojo. This is where I’ll put my musings on things I go loco for, like Sports and TV… mostly Sports and TV.

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