Pakikitungo Sa’yo
- learn to respect your space and schedule (message you less often, no cryptic messages, no bad jokes, learn to control my emotions expressed through words, expect a lot of No’s and Can’t Do’s)
- rely on you less often for my support/happiness
- introduce myself properly to your parents (as well as my intentions)
- get swabbed and if Negative, visit your home and be of service for the whole day (cook, clean, play with the dog, etc)
- improve my personality with newer hobbies so I can have more to share to you
- learn more about your world. Anime? Painting? Culture in Marinduque and Japan?
- secure a neutral date spot that’s not a mall or a restaurant where we can be physically close again but not put ourselves and others at risk of getting sick (already in the works)

Pakikitungo sa Sarili (and other logistical needs)
- lose 10 kg before Feb 28 start a consistent work-out and diet regimen (documented)
- push learning how to ride a bike
- learn long-distance biking (so you don’t have to fetch me in Makati)
- put all my March bonus into a working emergency fund or a medium-term investment product
- quarantine and test negative before any possible meet-up

Note: Some of these are suggestions. Depends on you if you want to scrap or change the details.

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